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Aquaproof is a polymer thixotropic compound, designed to cover various surfaces that necessitates solid waterproof coating such as roof and exterior wall.
AQUAPROOF Polyester Mesh
Aquaproof Polyester Mesh is polyester webbings used to complement waterproof coating, with the elasticity and resistance to alkalinity from cement and polymer, suitable for reinforcing fragile surfaces.
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Aquagard is an waterproof coating based on a mixture of cement and synthetic polymers that are ready to use. Aquagard designed to produce a prime coating, flexible, high durability, high adhesion, as well as waterproof and durable. Very appropriate for a lot of places to experience the
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HeatGard is ready to use coating with a special formula that has a primary function as sun's heat repellent on the surface of the building, so as to maintain the comfort temperature of the rooms in the building.
Superfix is the replacement for the mortar to glue tiles on the dry and wet. Superfix cement-based and high-grade synthetic polymers, useful to glue ceramic tile, marble, porcelain or mosaic on walls and floors.
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Betonmix is a versatile clear liquid to improve the quality of the concrete. Ready to use liquid form, Betonmix beneficial for reducing water demand, increasing plasticity mortar, and accelerate hardening of concrete. Used as directed, Betonmix not only improve the flow of the mix, but
Supergrout is a cement-based grout filler and synthetic polymers for high-grade ceramic tiles, porcelain, marble floors and walls maupung. Suitable for wet and dry, inside and outside space.
Hydroseal is waterproof coating based on cement and synthetic polymer. Available in ready-to-use package.
Superpox is two-component epoxy coating designed for use in manufactory, storage and production area. Durable and resistant to various chemicals; it is suitable for concrete, cement, carbon steel, iron sheet, asbestos, as well as wooden surface.
DY-NO-MITE 100EC is anti-termite Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC) formulated to control termites found in the tropics such as Indonesia.
Sealband is bitumen / asphalt based multipurpose adhesive with a protective aluminum.
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Supercement a synthetic polymer emulsion designed to improve the quality of mortar and low quality paint.
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