Product Info

Product Specification

Packaging :
Available in 1kg, 4kg, and 20kg
Detail :
Main material : Synthetic polymer
Spesific gravity : 1,05±0,10
Viscosity (Brookfield) : 130,000-180,000 cPs
Tensile strength (ASTM D-412) : 1.2-1.5 N/mm²
Elongation at break (ASTM D412) : 500-600%
Crack Bridging (ASTM D661-86) : pass (crack on concrete)
Shelf lifespan : 24 months maximum
Coating Area Coverage Value:
Surface conditionNo of coatingCoverage/m²Coverage/100 m²
Smooth2+ 0,5 kg/m²1 kg
Rough, porous2+ 0,65 kg/m²1,35 kg
Coating Area Coverage Value:
Surface Coated, Thickness and Drying Time * of Aquaproof on smooth flat surfaces
Recommended application (kg/m²)1
Recommended number of coats2
Drying time per coat (hour)2-3
Time between first and second coat (hour)2-3
Wet film thickness (wet film/WFT) per coat (µm)540
Dry film thickness (dry film/DFT) per coat (µm)230
Recommended final dry film thickness (µm)450
Curing time (hour)24-36
* Drying time measured at 25°C.
The above figures serve as guidance only. Rough and porous surfaces, having a high absorption capacity most probably need different application methods and prior coating trials are recommended to be done on the particular surface, in order to obtain satisfactory results.
Used brushes, rollers and other appliances must be cleaned immediately after use, including during recess.
Important: When the paint gets into contact with eye or the skin is exposed for extended time, rinse and cleans them under running water. If undesired effects occur, immediately seek medical assistance. Keep away from children.